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Excellent toddler programs to provide a great start

Our Montessori program begins for the child as young as two years old, in our Toddler Program. The child begins the Montessori journey and learning through simplest exercises based on activities that all children enjoy.  The equipment that he/she uses will help to develop the concentration, coordination and working habits necessary for the more advanced exercises she will perform at five or six.  The entire program of learning is purposefully structured.  


The toddler program offers a simpler and slower paced classroom environment than the primary classes.  It also provides very young children opportunity for self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect, and support.  One of the fundamental importance is the gradual separation of each child from his or her primary caretaker, usually the parents.  As toddlers gradually become comfortable in their new environment, they learn to trust the teachers and the other children around them.


Helping your toddler learn by exploring

Simple sensorial activities in the classroom respond to the toddler's urge to use all their senses, their whole bodies, to explore everything around them.  The toddler program also appropriately accommodates the very young child's sensitive period for language by offering creative and intriguing concepts to expand their growing vocabularies.  Joining conversations, listening to stories, classifying objects and learning songs and poems all nurture their budding language skills.

Safe preschool and Pre-K Activities

Many activities in the toddler program highlight the self-help skills that lead to independence.  Children are gently urged to hang up their coats, carry their lunch bags, and to problem solve rather than say "I can’t".  


Since this is an age of imitation, the teachers model appropriate social skills, good manners, and consideration of others.  To help smooth theses first social interactions, the toddlers also learn to use words for the feelings they experience in themselves and others.

Highly-trained teaching staff with qualifications exceeding state

child development requirements


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Learning and growing from the start

Parents should understand that a Montessori School is neither a babysitting service nor a play school that prepares a child for traditional kindergarten.  Rather, it is a unique cycle of learning designed to take advantage of a child’s ability to learn and grow to their fullest potential during these sensitive years.


Montessori children who complete a full cycle of schooling typically supersede their traditionally educated peers in knowledge, desire to learn, and their ability to gather information and apply that information appropriately.


Children at this age are not required to be potty trained.

Walk-in tours are available Wednesdays at 10:00 AM. Call to make an appointment for other days or times.


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