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The only Montessori Elementary program in the South Bay

The integrated curriculum of the Montessori elementary classes encourages children to see the critical relationship among all subjects and indeed, among all aspects of life. The elementary teachers follow Dr. Montessori's plan for Cosmic Education-presenting the universe first and then relating subsequent learning to its place in the cosmos.

Cosmic education curriculum and more

For example, the history of the earth, beginning billions of years ago, is made vivid to the students when they work with a magnificent timeline on which the era of human beings is only a tiny segment at the end.


To give parents a glimpse of the important role Cosmic Education plays in the Montessori Elementary classroom we have explained briefly how the classroom functions. No two classrooms are alike, as each reflects the interests and strengths of teachers and students. In all these classrooms, you will find children working comfortably at tables or on the floor in a relaxed but mature manner.


What you'll see when visiting our classrooms

At any one time, you will see a variety of educational activities in progress because each child will be working at his or her own level of interest and ability.


The Montessori curriculum comes alive by engaging the imaginations of children through vivid storytelling, creative impressionistic displays made by students, and integration of all subject areas. Integrated studies of grammar, reading and writing, mathematics, geometry, history, science, geography, Spanish, music, drama, art and physical education all come together to create a prepared environment for the elementary aged child.


Elementary children participate in the planning, management and assessment of their own learning through daily record keeping enhanced by weekly conferences with their teachers. Where traditional methods typically create performance drills to practice basic subjects, Montessori replaces this approach by providing a variety of creative activities to provide opportunities which engage curiosity while fostering natural exploration and imagination.


A combination of individual work and group collaboration promotes critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills that are necessary at all levels of education.

All assistants are trained teachers and have Montessori credentials


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Taking Montessori beyond the classroom

Montessori graduates combine excellence in academics, community values and stewardship of the environment with the dignity and purpose of human endeavors. What is truly special about these graduates is their strong love of learning; they work hard because they are motivated by a desire to learn more. After graduating from the elementary program, alumni continue their formal education in both private and public schools.


Another developmental change seen in the elementary-aged child is their increased sociability. Group activities and group norms become matters of great importance to children after age five. It is an ideal age to learn how to work with others successfully. By design Montessori elementary programs use the peer group to teach team contribution, fairness, respectful behavior, and consideration for others.

Walk-in tours are available Wednesdays at 10:00 AM. Call to make an appointment for other days or times.


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Creativity and activity is key to development

In their individualized work, the children learn to set goals, manage time, organize projects, and use a variety of resources. In addition to using the advanced Montessori materials for math, grammar, and science, they read and discuss children's classics, and express themselves in art, music, drama and poetry. Creative writing is a daily activity.


In addition to our full Montessori curriculum, we have integrated the following courses into our program as well: foreign language, physical education, music, yoga, and field trips. As an added convenience and for a minimal fee, we also offer weekly classes in karate, dance, soccer, and MonArt.

Building the skills to grow with their world

Montessori elementary programs give young children basic learning skills, in building confidence, self-esteem, an appreciation of other cultures and peaceful techniques for conflict resolution-qualities that will serve them well in any future learning situations.

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